What is the Senit Profile?

Your Senit profile is the central hub that stores all your identity data within the Senit App. It is where you can manage and view all the information that you have shared with Senit. Your profile is visible only to you and other Senit users with whom you share your profile data.

Your Senit profile contains your name, profile photo, handle, phone number, and email address. It is also the area of the app where they are all managed. All the information in your profile is essential for identifying you and allowing other Senit users to connect with you. You can also choose to add other information to your profile, such as your occupation, education, or interests.

How to Access and Update Your Senit Profile?

You can access and update your Senit profile by selecting My Profile, which is the first option in the app’s Account module. Once you have accessed your profile, you can update any of the information stored there. Simply click on the field you want to edit and make the changes you want. Remember to save your changes before exiting your profile.

Why is Your Senit Profile Important?

Your Senit profile is important because it is the primary means by which you connect with other Senit users. Having an up-to-date and accurate profile helps other users identify you and connect with you more easily. Your profile is also important for ensuring the security of your Senit account. By keeping your profile information up to date, you can help protect your account from unauthorized access.


Your Senit profile is an essential part of your identity within the Senit App. It contains all the information that other users need to identify and connect with you. By keeping your profile up to date and accurate, you can ensure that your Senit experience is smooth and secure. So, take a few minutes to review and update your profile today!

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