USDC digital dollars are a major breakthrough in how we use money. Built for the digital age, they move at the speed of the internet, can be exchanged in the same way we share content, and are much cheaper and more secure than existing payment systems.

USDC is a stablecoin, a new type of crypto-currency that was created to make transactions faster, extremely cost-effective and more secure than traditional payment systems, while reducing the volatility associated with crypto assets like Bitcoin.

A powerful new way of storing and moving money, USDC offers the best of both worlds. It can be traded as easily as other crypto-currencies on global, public blockchains and at the same time is linked to the price of the US dollar so it is always redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars.

What are Stablecoins ?

Stablecoins are one of the most popular and versatile types of cryptocurrencies to emerge in the last few years. They run on public blockchains, however unlike traditional digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, whose prices change on a daily basis, stablecoins are pegged to digital assets like the US dollar. This eliminates volatility and price fluctuations and allows them to combine the benefits of open, borderless cryptocurrencies with the stability of traditional fiat currencies.

The new World of USDC

USDC has rapidly grown to become the world’s leading regulated stablecoin, and the trust the market has placed in it can be traced directly to the way in which it was created and how it operates today.

To use USDC you will need a way to store your funds. Wallets like Senit are a user’s bank account in the USDC world, they allow users to create an account that they can use to manage their digital funds, send payments and request funds, all from their mobile phone or computer. Wallets also provide users with a digital payment address, so they can be used as an instant ecommerce solution for merchants.

“As the world continues to see the advantages of cryptocurrencies more and more users are choosing USDC for their digital dollars, giving them a safe way to make payments, transact online, and even save for a rainy day.” – Karsten Becker, CEO Senit App Ltd

Fast Easy Payments

USDC payments take seconds to be registered and are “P2P” so they go directly from sender to receiver, with no middlemen involved to take a cut. They can be used for transactions of any size and incur little to no fees depending on the blockchain that’s used to send them.

Multichain Support

Crypto fees can be very expensive, however thanks to USDC Multichain support you can operate on up to 8 blockchains allowing you to use the one that best fits your needs. From artists using Ethereum to Merchants settling on Solana due to its low fees, USDC can meet the needs of any market.

Privacy and Security

Due to the privacy and security that come with using USDC, and the ease with which anyone can create a USDC wallet, it is rapidly eliminating the stumbling blocks that prevent access to traditional banking services. This makes it an ideal platform for the world’s unbanked as it provides them with an easy path into the global digital economy.

Start using USDC Today

With full banking integration in over 200 countries and cities around the world and direct integration in leading exchanges, anyone can acquire USDC using the Senit application. Simply download and install the app, and sign up for your free account.