How do I send USDC to a contact?

The Senit App allows you to seamlessly integrate your phone’s address book and the app so you can easily transfer USDC to friends and family. First ensure that the contact information or mobile number is correct and that the contact has an account on SENIT. Contacts imported into your SENT Address Book that have an account with SENIT will have the SENIT icon next to the contact.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Transfer icon at top right menu,
  2. Click Send 
  3. Enter the Amount to Send then click Continue
  4. Choose from the list of existing SENIT Contacts 
  5. Review the Send Transaction Details
  6. You have the options to :
    1. change the default currency from USDC to another currency as defined in your currency manager
    2. hide your identity
    3. add a note
  7. Confirm the Send Transaction Details and hit the Continue Button.
  8. Insert your PIN to confirm the transaction

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