What is the Senit Banking module?

The Senit Banking Module is the bridge between your Senit wallet and the traditional fiat world. Every Senit user can access this amazing module on the Senit app. The tools embedded in the module make it easy to deposit and withdraw money using bank accounts, credit or debit cards, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This article will cover the different payment methods available within the Senit Banking module and their corresponding features.

Payment Methods

Cards: The Cards module allows you to add, remove, view, or update credit/debit cards associated with your Senit account. You can use any of the cards associated with your account to make deposits into your Senit wallet. This module also keeps a list of all card transactions made using your account.

USDC: The USDC module is used for making deposits or withdrawals using the USDC cryptocurrency. For your first deposit or withdrawal, you will be asked to make a USDC address. Once the address has been created, you can send or receive USDC payments through this module. You can also create additional addresses if needed. This module also contains a list of all your USDC transactions.

Wire Transfer: The Wire Transfer module lets you transfer money to or from your bank account.To start a wire transfer, you can enter your bank information and then follow the instructions on the screen.In this module, you can also see a list of all the wire transfers you have made.

SEPA Transfers: The SEPA Transfers module allows for hassle-free transfers across 36 European countries, thanks to its seamless Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) integration. You can add your banking details, send or receive SEPA transfers, or view your complete SEPA transaction history in this module.

In conclusion, the Senit banking module provides a user-friendly interface for anyone looking to interact with traditional fiat currency using their Senit wallet. With its various payment methods, including cards, USDC, wire transfers, and SEPA transfers, users can easily deposit and withdraw funds with minimal hassle. The live history of all transactions and fees clearly listed on all transactions ensure transparency and convenience.


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