Senit - Moving Money Without Borders

Welcome to the new
World of Digital Currencies!

Senit is a mobile app created to introduce you to the sea of opportunities that digital currencies bring to your life.


World without borders

Find out why people are turning Senit for their financial needs! Our mobile app uses industry leading security and privacy,  and is packed with lots of great features and functionality.

Start with only $5

Get on board with a small amount and find out the advantages of being a Senit user!

World Class Privacy

Relax while your data is encrypted and kept safer than any treasure has ever been.

Industry Leading Security

Navigate in calm waters as our secure platform keeps pirates many leagues away.

Send & Receive Crypto

Use crypto to send funds to friends and family with zero fees and instant transactions.

Buy a Little Bitcoin

Now you can also buy and sell bitcoin with the touch of a button directly inside the Senit application. Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies with the strongest and most valuable coin on the market today.

A True Safe Harbour

Your funds will always be there when you need them. Easily Cash out your Bitcoin to and from your Senit Wallet at any time, instantly – with no wait times!

Security First

Secure Funds

Your funds are fully protected in multi-signature crypto-currency accounts

Fully Regulated

We are fully AML and KYC compliant and report to the FCAs

Dedicated Support

Our support team is here to help you no matter what the problem may be

Become an Explorer! 

Senit is at the soft launch stage and is currently limited to guests only. Give us your mobile number or email and we will send you a priority ticket to come onboard!