Rates and Fees

Senit Transaction costs and Fees

Rates and Fees

Senit transactions costs and fees

A full listing of all rates and fees on the Senit platform. Note that Senit makes no FX fees so any FX fees based on currency conversions would be charged to you by your bank.

Transaction Type Fixed Fee Commission
Peer to Peer (P2P) Free Free
Peer to Business (B2C) Free Free
Business to Consumer (B2C) Free Free
Business to Business (B2C) Free 0.25%
International Wire In US $10 Free
International Wire Out US $30 Free
SEPA Wire In $0.50 0.5%
SEPA Wire Out $0.50 0.5%
ACH Wire In $0.50 0.5%
ACH Wire Out $0.50 0.5%
Credit & Debit Card In Free 3.5%
Credit & Debit Card Out NA NA
USDC In Free Free
USDC Out Free 0.25%
Crytpo Trades (buy/sell) Free 0.025%
App Store* Free Free

Fast Easy Payments

USDC payments take seconds to be registered and are “P2P” so they go directly from sender to receiver, with no middlemen involved to take a cut. They can be used for transactions of any size and have very low fees. Download our USDC primer and learn all about the power of USDC and the many ways you can use it to change your life.

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