How do I send funds to my Senit wallet using a Wire Transfer?

You can easily send funds to your Senit wallet from your bank account by sending a Wire Transfer from your Bank, provided SENIT has support for banking in your Country. It is as easy as adding your bank account to your Wallet, after which you can easily use it at any time.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Banking icon in your bottom left of the footer menu,
  2. Click on the Wire Transfer icon
  3. Click on Deposit icon
  4. Link your bank account or ensure existing banks match the bank you’re attempting the wire transfer from.
  5. Setup the Bank Account Details such as Routing Number and Account Number. Click Continue once you have added the deatils
  6. Use the information provided to process a wire transfer from your bank’s to your Senit Wallet.
  7. Wait for 2 -12 hours to allow the process to send the funds to the Senit platform; at which point you can then confirm a Wire Transfer Deposit transaction in your Wallet Activity Feed.

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