How do I change my mobile phone number?

Your mobile phone number is your key access information. If you need to change it, you can. Your transaction history and account balance will be automatically transferred to the new number and deleted from the old one.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Account icon at bottom right menu,
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. Click on Mobile Number 
  4. Click Add Number
  5. Enter New Mobile Phone Number
  6. Then click Continue (Please ensure that the number is not already registered to another account or pass number)
  7. Make Primary the New Mobile Number

Type the new number in the two available spaces. You can have a secondary number registered only for contact purposes. The main number is the one associated with your account and balance. If you want this new number to be the primary number of your Senit account, flag this option and click “Continue”. A code will be sent by SMS to confirm the operation and you will be requested to insert your PIN code.

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