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What is a VIP Ticket ?

Senit’s revolutionary technology is being rolled out to select users around the world. Due to masive demand you need a VIP ticklet to open your account, you can install the applicatip and request a Ticket and we will send...

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What crypto-currencies do you support ?

Senit lets you buy, sell and trande USDC as well as leading crypto-currencies. We have full support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Dogecoin and Tron and are adding more coins to our trading eninge every month as we grow. For a...

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How fast is a Senit transaction?

Senit transactions between users on our platfrom are instant, there is no waiting time regardless of where are are on the planet. Our multichain engione also has the fastest settlement times on the blackchain due to our...

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Can I send USDC to other people ?

You can send USDC to other Senit users instantly with no fees, and you can easily deposit or withdraw USDC using our multichain support. We are fully integrated with over 7 USDC blockchains with support for Ethereum, Solana,...

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