Senit builds Mobile Payment Solution

Senit builds Mobile Payment Solution

Big news! We are proud to announce our new project, the Senit Mobile Wallet! After years of developing software for our clients we decided to create our own solution for the mobile payments market.

The Senit Wallet is focused on bringing true financial freedom to people from developing nations, and will be released under Senit brand. It is expected to reach the market late 2019.

Our wallet stands out alongside other solutions on the market by being Stablecoin based! By using Stablecoins we give people all the benefits that Crytpo has to offer, but the stability of fiat currencies.

Like other cryptocurrency-based solutions on the market, it will allow people to easily store and manage funds, seamlessly transfer between other users anywhere in the world, as well as buy, sell and trade other digital assets.

Our mobile wallet is designed to be easy to sign up for and easy to use. Emigrants will be able to use it to move money to their home countries, and anyone willing to join the world of cryptocurrencies can use it as a gateway.

Our goal is to give our users easy access to digital assets via a very simple and user-friendly mobile application.

+ About the platform

Senit will be a free, downloadable Android and IOS app that allows anyone to open an account by simply downloading the app on their mobile phone and linking it to their mobile number. With mere seconds required for activation and no preconditions to qualify, it will open the doors to users around the world, including those who do not have access to traditional banking.

+ About Senit App Ltd

Senit is a FinTech company that is focused on using Stablecoin technology to solve problems in the world of finance. Our management team gained experience providing financial services to unbanked and underbanked in the Caribbean through innovative solutions. This direct exposure allowed them to understand the needs of the end-users, as well as enabled them to address the operational, commercial and regulatory challenges needed to deliver a safe, solid and secure solution.

We are looking forward to the launch of Senit mobile wallet! Until there, we are working hard to deliver the best solution to our users. You’re invited to stay connected and follow the project status through the updates here at the blog.

Senit opens development office in Spain

Senit opens development office in Spain

Senit has moved its development offices to Madrid, located at one of the top business hubs in Spain. The choice for Madrid was based on a strategic decision, made after a deep analysis of the markets in Europe. Our goal was to ensure that the company would have easy access to developers for the launch of the new Senit Mobile app across Africa and Latin America. Get yourself a Sangria and find out all about it!

Spain, in addition to its well-known sunny climate (capable of boosting our productivity), offers attractive economic and legal conditions for entrepreneurs. In recent years, several international companies have established units or expanded their investment in the country. This movement gained even more strength with the uncertain prospect of Brexit in the UK. 

With a population of over 532 thousand foreign residents (the third-largest in Europe), Spain maintains strong ties with Latin American, with which it shares the language as well as various cultural products and financial services. It also has a close relationship with Africa, with which it has a maritime and land border through Morocco making it an essential gateway to Europe.

Renowned for its architecture, cuisine, art, and, of course, football, Madrid has become an extremely popular location for startups, particularly in recent years. The Europolis Business and Technology Park, where our new office is located, is one of the hubs that is driving innovation in Madrid. In addition to business complexes, the region has excellent restaurants, shops, and nightlife, being known as the Soho of Madrid. Europolis has also recently received an infrastructure investment of more than 4 million euros from the Spanish government’s Regional Investment Program (PIR). 

Here in our Spanish office, we have the privilege of receiving “good morning” from the abundant sun that shines through the windows of our main room throughout the year.  There are always natural flowers in the lounge, reminding us that sophisticated solutions with external simplicity are one of the many ways that nature presents its beauty. 

We plan to continue to practice our culture of innovation and will put into practice our mission of giving regular people from developing nations easy access to the new universe of digital currencies. To this end, we value a positive and relaxed work environment, where everyone feels motivated and confident so they can give their best back to the world.  

Senit’s business model is based on bringing change using solid market opportunities, and we fully trust that we have an exciting future ahead of us, and are very happy with our new headquarters. We do realize that very soon it will become too small to house our growing team. However, after all, to innovate is to be willing to change as many times as necessary, always for the best.

¡Gracias y hasta luego!


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