‘It’s going to be a challenge with some bumps but together we can do it!’, says author and parenting blogger Emma Conway

As the coronavirus continues to spread, most people who are used to working in an office environment suddenly face the reality of a new workspace – their own home.

Boris Johnson has placed the UK on lockdown, meaning that bars and restaurants are now closed while people are expected to avoid all non-essential travel and work from home where possible to help curb the outbreak.

Elsewhere, schools across the country have closed their doors to all children – except those of key workers – meaning that the majority of families are now going to be spending extended periods of time stuck in the house together.

While for many, the prospect of working from home seems idyllic, the reality of having to juggle work commitments and a hectic family life simultaneously can be daunting.

Just ask political science professor Robert Kelly, who created one of 2017’s most viral moments after his two young children floated into his office just as he was being interviewed live on BBC News television.

But, what can parents do to help avoid sticky situations like this happening to them? Here is The Independent’s guide to working from home while remaining productive and a patient parent.

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