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How Cryptocurrencies Can Influence the Future of Freedom

Bitcoin has steadily grown in popularity since its inception in 2009. We hear about how many people are getting rich quick from it, and how much energy it’s consuming, and how complex it is to mine. But what we haven’t heard much about is how Bitcoin can play a role...

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Out of Africa: Capital Flight

Africa is typically portrayed as a continent dependent on foreign aid and private investment, with money flowing from advanced economies into poor African economies. However, new research paints a very different picture. A June 2018 report by the Political Economy...

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Work your way to financial freedom

Creating financial mileposts at regular intervals will help keep one alert and focused Wouldn't it be nice to have a life without money worries - a life, where the money is aplenty and even major money hurdles don't disrupt our lives? This is what financial freedom is...

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Five facts on fintech

From artificial intelligence to mobile applications, technology helps to increase your access to secure and efficient financial products and services. Since fintech offers the chance to boost economic growth and expand financial inclusion in all countries, the IMF and...

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Senit opens new office in Spain

Senit has moved to Madrid! We have opened a new Sales and Marketing office at one of the top business hubs in Spain. The choice for Madrid was based on a strategic decision, made after a deep analysis of the markets in Europe. Our goal was to ensure that the company...

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Africans continue to lead the way on mobile money

Africa is leading the way with mobile money accounts, and its sub-Saharan countries are the only region in the world where more than 10 percent of adults have such access. In some places, including Tanzania and Côte d’Ivoire, that’s more people than have a traditional...

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Are Stablecoins the New and Improved Bitcoin?

PwC, the global consulting and assurance firm, recently signalled its entrance into the cryptocurrency world by announcing a partnership with decentralized lending platform Cred. Cred (previously Libra Credit) was founded by PayPal technology veterans and intends to...

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Senit builds Mobile Payment Solution

Big news! We are proud to announce our new project, the Senit Mobile Wallet! After years of developing software for our clients we decided to create our own solution for the mobile payments market. The Senit Wallet is focused on bringing true financial freedom to...

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