Welcome to the new world

of Cryptocurrency

Senit has built a powerful and intuitive application that lets you easily

buy, sell and trade digital currencies using your mobile phone.

Who We Are

Senit Pay Ltd is a UK based FinTech company. We have created a powerful platform that allows users anywhere in the world to easily buy, sell and trade crypto currencies. Senit uses stablecoin technology to minimize customer risk, along with industry leading AML + KYC to ensure the highest levels of compliance and security for our users.

Our Platform

Our platform is hosted in the cloud and has been audited by Ernst and Young and Paladion. It allows for real time transactions between users anywhere in the world and includes powerful management tools for Accounts, Trading, Treasury, Customer Support, Rewards, Currency Exchange, Security and Compliance.

Our mobile application is a free, downloadable app that allows our users to Buy and Sell Crypto Currencies, and then easily transfer them between other users on the platform. Once a user holds crypto in their wallet, it can easily be converted to local currency and withdrawn to a bank account, or be used to directly pay for goods and services via a preloaded debit card.

What differentiates us ?

Our highly scalable technology is hosted in the cloud, is PCI compliant and uses bank-grade security at both the technology and business process levels. It is designed to power mobile ecosystems across multiple geographies and uses revolutionary Blockchain technology to deliver safe, secure and instant transactions for our users.

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