August 2018 - Senit
Senit builds Mobile Payment Solution

Senit builds Mobile Payment Solution

Big news! We are proud to announce our new project, the Senit Mobile Wallet! After years of developing software for our clients we decided to create our own solution for the mobile payments market.

The Senit Wallet is focused on bringing true financial freedom to people from developing nations, and will be released under Senit brand. It is expected to reach the market late 2019.

Our wallet stands out alongside other solutions on the market by being Stablecoin based! By using Stablecoins we give people all the benefits that Crytpo has to offer, but the stability of fiat currencies.

Like other cryptocurrency-based solutions on the market, it will allow people to easily store and manage funds, seamlessly transfer between other users anywhere in the world, as well as buy, sell and trade other digital assets.

Our mobile wallet is designed to be easy to sign up for and easy to use. Emigrants will be able to use it to move money to their home countries, and anyone willing to join the world of cryptocurrencies can use it as a gateway.

Our goal is to give our users easy access to digital assets via a very simple and user-friendly mobile application.

+ About the platform

Senit will be a free, downloadable Android and IOS app that allows anyone to open an account by simply downloading the app on their mobile phone and linking it to their mobile number. With mere seconds required for activation and no preconditions to qualify, it will open the doors to users around the world, including those who do not have access to traditional banking.

The Senit Financial Services Platform (FSP) has undergone numerous independent verifications and audits to ensure its regulatory compliance. Senit Ltd and its financials have been audited by BDO.

About Senit

Senit Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom in January 2016. We are a software development company that is focused on the industry sector of peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer.

Our management team brings an important background at this segment. They have gained experience from providing financial services to unbanked and underbanked in the Caribbean through innovative solutions. This direct exposure allowed them to understand the needs of the end-users, as well as enabled them to address the operational, commercial and regulatory challenges needed to deliver a safe, solid and secure solution.

Senit has previously created a financial services platform in partnership with MoneyGram, one of the largest remittance companies worldwide. It combines the best of mobile technology and cloud computing to eliminate barriers to entry and reduce costs. The core platform, technology, and our mobile application is MoneyGram certified and has received a bank-grade security certification from Paladion. Our technology stack has also been audited by Ernst and Young.

We are looking forward to the launch of Senit mobile wallet! Until there, we are working hard to deliver the best solution to our users. You’re invited to stay connected and follow the project status through the updates here at the blog.